Update on the Case of the Colonels

Having your buddy stand in for your DNA test is a bad idea, especially of you're both U.S. Army Colonels.
We wrote earlier about the Case of the Colonels. Col. Scott Carlson denied paternity of a child nine years after he began making child support payments to a woman not his wife. When the domestic relations office requested a blood test, Col. Carlson sent his friend, Col. Bruce Adkins, to take the test for him.

Apparently neither of the Colonels thought the domestic relations staff would remember what Col. Carlson looked like, even though he had been there only one month before he sent Col. Adkins in his place.

They were wrong. Both were arrested. And it appears that Col. Carlson is a slow learner. According to pennlive.com, a local district judge ordered Col. Carlson to appear because Col. Carlson was $12,000 in arrears in his child support. Col. Carlson failed to show up, so he was arrested. He bonded out only after paying the $12,000.

Stay tuned.

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